Life is Beautiful Randomness.

Weekend Ride

The sweet whisper of a road calling your name. The glisten of dew as it evaporates from the morning sunlit asphalt. The shaking in your hands from the adrenaline coursing through your body. This is much much bigger than you, yet you've been bold enough to enjoy this experience. The nature around you continues to thrive, the twists in the road teach you everything you've forgotten since the last time. Your brother joins silently while taking everything in with the same stupid grin you can't wipe off your faces. Today is the reason for your hard work. Embrace it's hold, respect it and you'll fill your tank enough to make it to the next time.

On a Plane to Texas

The religious fear death. The fear of nothing is something that drives people to weave amazing tales. Justification of religion becomes more important than being a loving, caring human. See how loving and caring I am? You don't believe? How dare you? Have you been saved? I hope you're right! When you body ceases to animate, and you have left the earthly mass you once inhabited, will you find yourself being judged, or transcend all earthly cares, genders, selfish expectations, desires? Will your being combine with a unified existence of souls or will you simply cease to experience? Do our minds simply create the thought of being? Do our evolved cells combine to fool us into thinking thoughts? Is their a we? Is my mind powerful enough to create the world around me, and everyone in it? If there is something else after life, do we still think infependantly, or communally? Where do we exist if not on earth. The electric pulses that trigger your muscles, brain and biological process are extinguished. What then is the mysterious source of all these processes left to do? I hope there is nothing. I hope that what you've done on earth has nothing to do with anything cosmically. There is no edge of the universe that we know, but the infinite expanse is surrounded by something I'd imagine. Are we inside a micro vessel of something else? Is that surrounding host what gives us life? Is it watching our evolution, or creating it intentionally?

New City Possibilities

The feel of visiting a new city is exhilaratingly normal. It has all the tenants of every place you’ve ever visited. What's hidden here that could be endearing? Where would I go if I were a local. How do I find things that will make me like this place? I need my coffee, gluttonous food, vehicle community, job options, quality of life, low-tech meditation. Could i live here? What would life be like outside this expensive hotel? Where's the ocean / lake / body of water? Is the music here sad enough? Could I lead a better life here? Could I have a better life here? These questions are all so domestically focused and unimportant. Chasing life somewhere new is probably the most excitement we'll ever experience. We'll have to make a big decision followed by making it work wherever. What are the must-haves? what can we make due with? How much money is required to live the life we've built somewhere else.. here? America is filled with the familiar. Could I live in Europe? France, Spain? What would I do for money? Where would i go to get all my familiar objects? Would life be better / worse? How much would I grow as a human by being immersed in a different country? What value would that bring to me? Could i do more with my life somewhere else? Why do I have to do anything with my life at all?